Welcome to a world first with our fully interactive online disco show!

Just wanted to say ahuge thank you for our amazing St. Patricks virtual disco. Your crew were so inspiring and engaging.

We are already receiving lots of wonderful emails of gratitude from our parents.

We are a school of happy customers

Happy St. Patrick's day to you all


Mrs Liz Hinley. Acting Headteacher

St Patrick's RC Primary School

Walton-le-Dale, Preston March 2021

It's uncertain times at the moment and we have been busy creating our first ever online show.


Our vision is to give children a chance to still celebrate their birthday, or schools to still be able to offer entertainment in such times of need.


With the wonders of technology, Dancemasters is proud to present its Virtual Reality show!

Many schools have now enjoyed our latest show and we have received wonderful feedback from PTA members, teachers and parents alike. 


It really is the next best thing to a live show at the school and we are so proud that we can offer something very special for the children to enjoy, all from the safety of their own home or classroom.


References are available from PTA members who have now experienced not only the ease of setting up such an event, but all the fun that the children have had from their disco show.


“Brilliant disco, everyone loved the show. What enjoyment for the children during these difficult times’ – Prospect House School Putney


“This was a fabulous virtual disco!!! I received nothing but positive feedback from the parents too!” – Sevenoaks Prep School

How It Works


The show is created via Zoom or Twitch TV and is password protected (not recorded) and can be staged live online at any time that would suite you.

The show includes;

*Dancemaster DJ – Hosting live online (Vocal and musical interaction full of excitement for the children)

*Dancemaster Dancer – Dancing live online with the Children joining in with their cool moves

*All the interaction and fun that you are familiar with from our Live Dancemaster discos.


Timing is flexible and can be staged as a “Disco for all” allowing up to 500 guests attending. Or split into individual shows for the age groups.


School Classroom or at Home?

The show can be staged both at Home or in the classroom. Many schools are enjoying the show by having it beamed to individual classrooms. this still respects the social distancing for the school while still allowing the children to have all the fun of a disco. All that is needed is a screen/smart white board/Large TV screen allowing an internet connection and everything will work really well.


By using the spotlight feature on Zoom, we can jump from one classroom to another, allowing all the children to see the other classrooms all joining in (Imagine when a child see themselves on TV or on a screen in the crowd at a sports event - the same reaction happens here - big smiles and lots of excitement!)


Both DJ and Dancer will be performing live to the classrooms!

Alternatively, the show can be enjoyed after school hours with Parents logging in from home, transforming their living room to a dancefloor and the children dressing in their dancing gear. This works really well and is just as well received as having the show at school (it is also the perfect way to host a Birthday Party!). It is simply down to your own choice.


How Long for the Show?

For school shows, we would recommend 45 mins to 1 hour. We can split shows into age groups so that the younger children can have their own show, followed by the older children after. We style the show/music and interaction accordingly.


For a show from home, we suggest a 1 hour show. Again separate shows can be arranged according to age groups. This is also the ideal length of time for a birthday party.



A virtual disco does not have to exclude the normal fundraising you might orgainse for past events. Tickets can be sold in the way that you would normally arrange and we can even stage virtual raffles during the shows (it’s all down to the imagination)


The cost of the show is also discounted as of course, we are not having to travel with equipment etc.


Christmas Virtual Disco Show

For such a special time of the year, we can give the Children a magical Christmas Themed Disco Show. Our dancers will be dressed for the occasion.

Again, this allows the Children to have a special occasion either at school or at home for the festive season.



The booking process is very simply and we take care of pretty much everything. All you need to do is collaborate the guests email address and send out the invites!

Please remember that all shows are password protected, Parents will need to register (or School Staff) and invites only go to those that you invite!



The show is more cost effective than our physically live show as we do not have to factor in travel and set up of equipment.

Prices range depending on the number of split shows and length of each show. All shows include 3 Dancemaster crew members (DJ, Dancer and Zoom/special effects controller)

Contact us for pricing.


We really hope that your school will be a part of this special show for the Children.

We have worked very hard to produce something that still offers all the fun and excitement during these difficult times.

In addition to the value this represents for the children, our virtual show also allows our DJs and Dancers to be able to perform and we value your support with this.


Tel: 020 3239 5670 


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