When you say "far superior to a normal disco" what does this mean? 


Many companies offer mobile discos for Children, however this can very often mean a rather basic show with a couple of flashing lights, DJ and a few well known games. 


When Dancemasters was created, we wanted to step away from what so many other companies offered. Researched proved to us that there was in general, a real lack of imagination and creativity for Children's discos and therefore we wanted to fill that void. 


Our Disco is a show, full of spectacular special effects, energy and captivation. Unique and imaginative games designed totally by us along with stunning performances such as our Dancemasters, 3D Laser option and even a live "Transformer" should you wish to book Optimus Prime as a special guest!


We are always added new and exciting options to the show. Being in tune with what is "cool for kids" and continually looking for latest features to create the "wow". 


What are the prizes in the show?


As standard, for each show, we supply


Upto x100 Glow stick Bangles/necklaces (to ensure every single child receives a prize from us)


x5 Mega awards (spot prizes such as Flashing Light Sabres, Air Microphones/Saxophones etc, Special effect sunglasses and many other wild and wacky awards)


Special award to host of the party (birthday boy/girl etc)


In addition, we offer a number of very cool gifts for you to purchase on a per head basis, allowing us to take care of the take home prizes, substituting the need for party bags.

Does the show change depending on age groups?


Yes, our show is age related and therefore the games and excitement that we perform is structured to the age groups at the party. The show is recommended for ages 5-12. For the younger audience, we focus more on interactive games and activities, while for the older ages energy and stunning effects are more of the focus. The Dancemasters also vary their style by performing easy to follow moves for the younger children along with cool and current dances for the older children. 

Can we theme the show?


Yes, we will work along any theme that you choose and will incorporate imaginative games and features to be included in the show that works in line with your theme. We also offer costumes for our Dancemasters and a spectacular multi themed superhero show (see our sister website www.dancemasterheroes.com). Spiderman, Darth Vader, Princesses, Batman/girl have all featured at our shows and now you can even include "Optimus prime" as your 3D Dancemaster! 

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