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Whats New For Dancemasters 2020/21

Please enjoy scrolling through our page to discover our exciting new shows

Dancemasters Virtual Disco Show Is Taking Children's Discos To Another Leval!

3 Ways To Enjoy Our Amazing Online Disco

1 - Live Virtual Disco Show

Ideal for Primary School Discos, Fundraising events or Birthday Parties.

2 - Pre-recorded and personalised Virtual Disco Show

Ideal for Primary Schools that prefer not to have a live show but would like to play the disco at the school without the need to be online

3 - Our brand new weekly Friday Night Dance Party Club!

Commencing Friday 20th November. Join Us every Friday night for 1 hour of disco entertainment*

*The Friday Night Dance Party Club is only available to Schools and Parents that have booked with us previously. It is not open to the general public or advertised through social media. Shows are password protected and registration to the show is required. All guests are muted and chat facility is disabled.

Welcome to a world first with our fully interactive online disco show!

It's uncertain times at the moment and we have been busy creating our first ever online show. Our vision is to give children a chance to still celebrate their birthday, or schools (especially year six) to still be able to offer entertainment in such times of need.

With the wonders of technology, Dancemasters is proud to present its Virtual Reality show!

Our new show will be hosted by one of our leading DJs, with a full sound and light show, vocal interaction and personalised show for the Birthday guest / school group.

In addition and via a second video link, one of our Dancemasters will be co-hosting the show, allowing the children to enjoy and copy the super cool moves from our dancer.

Everyone can be a part of the show!

Hosting via Zoom , HD web cams and special effects are included. Zoom will allow everyone invited to be part of the show and as hosts, we will be able to allow guest to interact both from a visual and vocal point of view (we will be controlling mute options to ensure the flow of the party works to its best)

For schools, this is an ideal way for teh children to have all the fun of a disco, beamed live to their classroom!

Register your interest in our exciting new Online show below;

10yrs in the making! Welcome to the                          Future!!!

Imagine what this show would look like if you also included a Dancemaster!!


Dancemasters proudly present: Megablast! - an out of this world disco experience

Brand new for 2020.


DJ Nick brings the most spectacular visual experience ever seen in the history of Children’s disco entertainment.


We are already infamous for our stunning look to our shows, however we have taken this feature right out to space and back again!

If you are looking for the best special effects that technology can offer – DJ Nick’s Megablast is for you.


Brand new 3D Multi Laser Show


Mind blowing ultra-intelligent special effect lightshow


Not just the dancefloor but the whole venue transformed into a mass of colours, Laser beams and sparkles.


Includes our famous, interactive Dancemasters disco showcase: The Funky Disco Show


More details and live photo shots to follow but be one of the first to book this truly sensational disco show. We are not aware of any other company on this planet that offers such an amazing look to a children’s mobile disco show.

Megablast Live! London July 2019!

No other children's disco show has such a stunning look as MegaBlast!!!

Our Ultimate Laser showcase comes alive for 2019

Click here for further details!



Our all new superhero disco show includes life-sized cut outs of Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Captain America!!


Your children will be amazed by these special guests and the show features all the elements of a Dancemaster Disco party with the added ingredients of;


*Incredible out of this world visual and sound effects


*Set design to include life sized cut outs of the Avengers heroes!


* Games, activities and interaction based around the superhero theme!


*Special Avengers gift for the birthday child!


*Glow or supertastic flashing gifts for every child**


*Option to include the 3D Laser show featuring superhero animations and stunning images


*Option to include a LIVE 7ft 3D Iron Man! (The UK’S first ever!) 


We believe that we are the first show here in the UK to offer the chance to include a “Live” robotic dancing Iron Man!  Full theatrical 3D costume controlled by one of our Dancemasters. Your child and all their friends will be stunned, amazed and will cherish forever – the appearance of the might avenger Iron Man! 

To make and enquiry about this stunning new show, please contact us HERE

London and the South East's most popular children's disco show goes Global!


Dancemasters now hosts to both the UK and Australia! 

To visit our Brisbane based show, CLICK HERE 

The Little Mermaid!


Due to popular demand, we have recently added our stunning Dancing Mermaid to our range of options for themed shows.

Especially popular with our younger Audiences, just one of many themes that we can dream up for you.

The Force Is Coming.......................

With the re-birth of Star Wars  - We have created one of our best ever themed disco showcases - The Intergaltic Laser Disco Show - Star Wars Edition


Our 3D Laser show takes on a whole new level with thousands of special effects - space ship battles, stunning laser beams and even your Child's name writing alongside the might Darth Vader!! 

All of this projected on the walls, ceiling and anyway that the Laser can find!


During the show there will be special effect sounds, games and exciting Star Wars dance challenges.


As an option, every child can have their own mini Flashing light saber and during the performance - something that will raise your party to the biggest level ever............


The Guest Appearance of Darth Vader in full 3D costume!!!

To Boldly go.......


This show is our most ambitious themed party ever and in addition to our special guest, you can opt to include a second guest!!


Our amazing 3D Stormtrooper can appear and challenge Darth Vader on the dance floor!! All in the name of fun, Darth Vader and Storm Trooper will take the sides of each team of children - may the best dancers win (and don't worry everybody will win at some point!)


Two incredible special guests on one amazing Dancefloor!!!


As standard all shows will include;


1- Brand new 3D Laser Show with Intergalatic special effects

2- Hosted by one of our top Dancemaster DJ's - The Darth Fader!

3- 3D Theatrical costumed Darth Vader performs during the party

4- Outta Space Glow Bangles for every child

5- Games, disco activities and full interaction based around the Star Wars theme

6- Special Award for the birthday person - presented by Darth Vader himself!

7- Photograph opportunity at the end of the show with Darth Vader


Optional enhancements to the show (cost options)

1- Include our 3D Stormtrooper to co-own the dancefloor!

2- Mini or large light sabers for all the children awarded as special take home gifts

Our Brand New Show is coming for Winter 2018 - Click HERE to make and enquiry and become one of the first to experience this stunning performance!

To make an enquiry, please complete our form below. We look forward to hearing from you

Optimus Prime!!! and Iron Man!!!

Perform Together- A World First!!!

Our Ultimate themed showcase comes alive for 2020.

Click here for further details!

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